The FAILSAFE RETIREMENT™ System is a uniquely simple way for anyone to plan for a retirement lifestyle and income that is guaranteed under any foreseeable economic conditions.

The System is based on three basic principles:

First, we want peace of mind that we will have enough income to meet our needs throughout retirement.

Second, we learned from the disruptive economic events of 2008-2009 that conventional investing ideas don’t always work.

Third, having confidence that we can meet our basic retirement needs allows us to use our other money in other ways, without fear or guilt.

Many of us have promised ourselves and our spouses that never again will we be victimized by economic and market conditions that we cannot predict or control.

Our futures are too important to trust to investment and financial planning industries focused on selling us high risk investments.

That is why the Failsafe Retirement™ System was born.

The System is designed to prepare us for a worst case scenario in our retirement future. It protects us from inflation and against deep and/or extended declines in the stock market.

The System is as close to “failsafe” as a retirement income plan can be.

Read about the research behind the Failsafe Retirement™ System.

The System includes four easy to use components.

The Failsafe Retirement™ System is incorporated in four automated Worksheets that are tightly integrated together in a comprehensive Workbook.

The Failsafe Retirement™ Budget Planner is a comprehensive yet easy to use automated Worksheet that helps you record and project your essential living expenses when you retire. The Planner guides you through entering income, expenses, and personal data unique to your circumstances. Using that data, the Budget Planner generates the retirement income information needed for the rest of the System.

The Failsafe Retirement™ Savings Calculator incorporates critical pieces of information unique to your circumstances, including data generated by the Budget Planner. The Savings Calculator then determines if – and how much – you need to increase or re-allocate your current retirement savings and investments into a Failsafe Retirement™ Income Plan so that you can retire and live through a worst case scenario.

The Failsafe Retirement™ Income Plan Builder explains and takes you through the steps of setting up a savings and investing plan that will support you through a worst case scenario in retirement. It will show you investments that are guaranteed by the federal government and that will protect you against the ravages of inflation. The Income Plan Builder will teach you how to buy these government-backed investments yourself, without using a broker and without incurring upfront or annual investment costs of any kind.

The Plan Summary and Progress Report summarizes your retirement goals, your retirement finances, and your Retirement Income Plan in plain English. It also tracks your investment progress.

The Worksheets integrate hints, tips, and links to other resources that will help you use and understand the System.

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When you have used each of the components of the Failsafe Retirement™ System, you will know where you stand now. More important, you will know where you will be in the future, secure in the knowledge that you can retire and live under any economic and market conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Failsafe Retirement™ System.

Learn more about the research behind the Failsafe Retirement™ System.

See the Failsafe Retirement System in action!

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