The FAILSAFE RETIREMENT™ System includes four integrated components or Worksheets that function inside a customized Microsoft Excel Workbook:  A Budget Planner, Savings Calculator, Income Plan Builder and a Summary and Progress Report.

The Budget Planner


Based on your personalized spending information, the Budget Planner helps you predict what your actual income needs will be when you retire. The right side of the Budget Planner Worksheet includes numerous tips, hints, and links to public and private User Resources that aid the data entry process and help you design a retirement lifestyle that you can accept, not some hypothetical spending level found in books or in generic retirement planning calculators. What makes it even easier with this System is that you do not have to worry about inflation when entering your spending information.

The Savings Calculator


You enter some basic information about yourself, your finances, and your retirement goals into the Savings Calculator, which is also linked to outputs from the Budget Planner. The Savings Calculator uses all of that data to calculate an annual savings amount that will provide you a guaranteed retirement income that will meet your spending needs. The right side of the Savings Calculator Worksheet contains even more links to public and private User Resources that explain everything, including how the FAILSAFE RETIREMENT™ System is not affected by inflation or craziness in the stock market.

The Income Plan Builder


Now that we know what needs to be done to provide you a guaranteed, inflation-proof retirement income, the action moves to the Plan Builder. Here you will learn what investments you need to buy to fund your Retirement Income Plan, how to buy them, and how to track them. You can even design a hypothetical portfolio of investments before you start buying anything. There are more links on the right side of the Plan Builder Worksheet to help you. Data from the Budget Planner and Savings Calculator is tightly integrated. Your plan to provide guaranteed retirement income is now complete.

The Plan Summary and Progress Report


The Plan Summary and Progress Report lays out your retirement goals, financial circumstances, and Retirement Income Plan in plain English. You know exactly what is required. As you add investments to the Plan, your progress is tracked and reported. You are on your path to guaranteed retirement income with confidence.


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