The FAILSAFE RETIREMENT™ System is Now Live and Ready for Download

After receiving helpful feedback from several beta evaluators, I made a few adjustments to the formatting of the System Worksheets. I also updated and finalized all of the User Resources on this site that are accessed from links inside the System.

I then uploaded the System file to e-Junkie, the service I am using to fulfill download orders and to pass payment instructions through to PayPal. The System can now be downloaded by anyone willing to make a small investment into a more secure retirement future.

The stock market continues to move upward which may ease some investor concerns. I’m a long way from being unconcerned. I remain committed to this System for creating a secure baseline retirement income plan.

I also note that gold has moved to record territory which gives you some idea as the overall lack of confidence in our economic future. Owning gold is fine for that part of your retirement portfolio that that you can afford to risk, after you have provided for your essential retirement spending needs.

I want to extend a special thanks to the following veteran personal finance bloggers who took the time to test an early version of the System and to provide me helpful feedback:

Mike at Four Pillars, John at the Mighty Bargain Hunter, Evan of My Journey to Millions, and Pinyo at Moolanomy.  Thanks guys!